About school

“Dusas dance school” owner and head coach Rihard Dusa his coach's career started 10 years ago with the first classes in Jelgavas Gymnasium No. 1 (now "Jelgava Technology High School"). Although the beginning of the presence of another dance school, the "Dusas dance school" word started to work since January 2014 in the Jelgava and Riga.

Rihard Dusa is a two-time Latvian 10 Dance Champion, finalist in many international competitions and prizes winner. During this ten years created 10 dance Latvian champions and standard dance champions, as well as several international competition finalists and winners of the prizes. "Dusas dance school" cooperate with the best foreign teachers, participate in seminars and keep the dance school information at the appropriate level.

During these years, built up a reliable and highly cohesive team of coaches, whose main task is to work with children and the result. Our goal is to teach children what is right to dance, what it means and what it develops. Sports dance develops all of our body from head to toe, they enhance our thinking, communication skills, coordination ability, psychological and physical fitness, which is presented in the most beautiful way - through dance.

"Dance, and you will be something more than yourself everyday!

"Dusas deju skola" has always been proud of their dancers, so we are looking forward to see anyone at any time !!! "- Rihards Dusa


„I love beauty! I love the aesthetics of the dance, the aesthetics of the stage! The viewer should get an emotional outburst, he can become funny or sad, they can plunge into memories, think about the future, about his life, but he should always be comfortable!” – Alisa Koseleva

"Dance is a challenge - movement, music and emotions, harmony, perfecting yourself." – Marts Punins

"When you dance you have all - a beautiful body, a mind and creativity, the ability to show yourself to people and have fun on a daily basis, what we live! Therefore let all the dreams come true by dancing! We look forward to everyone willing to dance! "- Dana Jakobsone